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Robin Hawdon

Robin Hawdon's comedies are amongst the most frequently produced around the world. At any one moment there are likely to be a dozen or so productions of various titles, old and new, running in various countries and in diverse languages. Here are described a number of the best known plays, as well as more recent titles, together with brief extracts from their international reviews, and short dialogue examples from each text.



Survival of the Fittest

a novel

About the Book

Does God really exist? Are science and religion incompatible bed fellows? Surprisingly Charles Darwin himself, whose theory of evolution did more than anything to ignite these fundamental debates, refrained from commenting in depth about its philosophical implications for fear of creating yet greater furore.

But suppose that he did in fact write down his conclusions, and kept them as a secret Addendum to his seminal work, Origin of Species. And suppose his beloved wife Emma, a devout Christian, kept her own secret journal detailing their extraordinary life together, and was the only other person to know of this hidden postscript.

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, is a new novel about a modern day detective search for these two hugely significant works. To find out more go to







BRAND NEW COMEDY derived from a play which had a successful tour back in the seventies but failed to find a West End stage big enough to accommodate the huge two storey set. Now completely rewritten with a much simplified set and smaller cast.

Already scheduled for productions in the USA, Germany, Warsaw, Tel Aviv. 




Now on Samuel French’s 'Most Produced' list.

Russian Premier


Stage Molot Theatre, Perm (April 2012) In Russia nobody writes plays like this. It's a pity because when such texts are well-translated and staged they are very popular. At the Stage Molot Theatre the audience laughed continuously for two hours, and then gave long applause. An excellent sitcom - the first of its kind at the Stage Molot Theatre. Hopefully not the last.

Senat Perm Without doubt the opening night first audience loved the play. From the very first minute of the performance they were completely engrossed in the action.

News Perm The performance of Perfect Wedding at the Stage Molot Theatre is a modern Russian farce based on a classic British play which depicts the time of moral and ethical confusion in the minds of young people. Perhaps in Europe this is no longer the case, but for us it is very topical. All questions of morality and ethics in the relationship of young men and women in Russia today are here in this comedy.

UTV Some may regard this as just a riotous comedy, others will appreciate the deeper complexities of modern morality, when everyone wants complete freedom for both themselves and their partners. Vetta TV




Don't Dress for Dinner

Also on Samuel French's 'Most Produced' list



227 WEST 42ND STREET, NEW YORK, NY, 10036 

Previews Begins: March 30, 2012

Opening Night: April 26, 2012

Closes: June 17, 2012



review extracts


Turbulent romances with complications.... the new comedy by Robin Hawdon which provoked huge laughter at it’s world premiere.... an intricate premise with a suspenseful conclusion, and in between dramatic fireworks full of surprises in both plot and dialogue. Hawdon’s comedies have a long history at the Contra-Kreis Theatre and his wit works as usual in this one.


This lengthily applauded premiere is a wonderful illustration of Sacha Guitry’s moral that ‘love inspires the heart whilst stifling the brain.’ .....staged with great charm and taste.... the comedy requires a superb cast and gets one here, in particular Sybille Nicolai as the mother veering between hilarious eccentricity and wise practicality ....all the complexities of emotional relationship are an intriguing delight right up to the final curtain.


....the constant fracturing of relationships accelerates until matters threaten to veer out of control so fast that even the most rational member of the cast can barely retain their sanity. ....the strengths of the piece are the diverse cast of colourful characters, the lively and lightning fast dialogue and the clever direction..... produces an amorous and highly amusing ronde of love, or as the exasperated mother calls it, ‘a boogie-woogie of emotions!’