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Robin Hawdon Author & Playwright

Robin Hawdon's comedies are among the most frequently produced around the world. At any one moment there are likely to be at least twenty productions of various titles, old and new, running in various countries and in diverse languages. Here are described a number of the best known plays, as well as more recent titles, together with brief extracts from their international reviews, and short dialogue examples from each text.
He is also a novelist with many five star Amazon reviews. See below.

Latest News - Novels

A Rustle in the Grass

First novel published 30 years ago as Hamlyn's 'Book Of The Month' and now republished after it attracted a series of remarkable reviews on Amazon

Review Extracts

“...A fantastic, well-paced, beautifully told story that grows on you more and more the older you get. I liked this better than Watership Down. A great gift to get children into reading...”

“...This is one of those books I buy, whenever I see a copy somewhere, just so I can give it to someone or their kid. The story is enchanting, the biology well-used, and the characters are simply unforgettable...”

“...There are very few books that make me nostalgic for innocence and childhood. This one easily tops the list..... Buy a copy, for yourself, for your kids, for any reason at all. Treasure this...”

“...My favourite book until this day..... My teacher asked to borrow the book over the summer. Two years later in our classroom bookshelf there was a 20-copy set of this book for all of the students to read!”

4.9 out of 5 stars
A Rustle in the Grass by Robin Hawdon

Survival of the Fittest

Latest novel, also attracting five star reviews on Amazon. A modern detective story, a historical account of the struggles of one of the world's greatest scientists, and a World War II espionage story, all in one novel.

Review Extracts

“....the most fascinating piece of work I have read in a long time. I just couldn’t stop reading.”

"....Brilliantly written, extensively researched, "Survival of the Fittest" goes deep into the doubts and motivations that eventually lead Charles Darwin to a final decision."

4.3 out of 5 stars
Survival of the Fittest by Robin Hawdon

Latest News - Plays

'Stage Fright' - brand new farce set during the Cannes Film Festival. A beautiful film star is discovered by a jewel thief, murdered in her luxury hotel suite.  Many more bodies and shocks ensue.  Already sold to several foreign countries. Details to come on the website.

Volcanic Eruptions

New Comedy derived from a play which had a successful tour back in the seventies but failed to find a West End stage big enough to accommodate the huge two storey set. Now completely rewritten with a much simplified set and smaller cast. Already produced in Poland and Russia, with more to come.
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Perfect Wedding

(Now on Samuel French’s 'Most Produced' list)

Russian Premiere - Stage Molot Theatre, Perm.

“....the audience laughed continuously for two hours, and then gave long applause...” Senat Perm.

“Without doubt the opening night first audience loved the play. From the very first minute of the performance they were completely engrossed....” News Perm.
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(now published by Samuel French)

German Premiere

“Turbulent romances with complications.... the new comedy by Robin Hawdon which provoked huge laughter at it’s world premiere.... Hawdon’s comedies have a long history at the Contra-Kreis Theatre and his wit works as usual in this one.” BONNER RUNDSCHAU.

“....the constant fracturing of relationships accelerates until matters threaten to veer out of control so fast that even the most rational member of the cast can barely retain their sanity...” EXPRESS BONN.
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